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 Character Stats Rules

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PostSubject: Character Stats Rules   Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:06 am

NOTE!! Your Stats can only have upto 4 posts, 1 + 3 = 4.. If your posts are bigger than 4.. Topic's deleted and you gonna make one again Twisted Evil

Aight people! Lookie here before you post your own Character Stats!
Firstly, you need to align your stats like this:

Trainer Image: Blah Blah
Trainer Name:Aria Phys
Gender: Male/Female ♂/♀
Current PokéMoney: Your Money.. ($3000)
Current PokeCards: You can put any sprite on it.

PokéCard:Any Pokemon You want
Obtained From: People's Shop/Ordinary Marketplace/RP
Date Obtained: January 30, 2010 (Date forum was born)
Battles Won:
Battles Lost:
Total Battles:

Gym Badges:

If you're a Gym leader, add this:
Gym Name:
Pokécards(upto 6 only):
Prize To Be Won:
Gym Badge:
Gym Specialty:

It's up to you to design your character stats.

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Character Stats Rules
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