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Hello! Welcome to UPR! I hope you enjoy your stay here! UPR means Ultimate PokéCard Rpg, Means.. You will use PokéCards for battle!! Current Events: None For The Moment!

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PostSubject: UPR Support   Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:11 am

In this topic, you can ask,suggest or report a player.

Off-Topic posts will be deleted.

Question Not To Be Asked (Never ask this again!)

Q:How can I make my PokéCard evolve?
A:By using evolutions cards, check out the Official Cardmarket.

Q:How can my signature appear in forums?
A:Go to your Profile -> Preferences then find the [Always attach my signature] click yes.

Q:Where can I find the Pokedex here?

Q:Why are there FakeCards?
A:To be more different than other Pokémon RPGs

Q:What is the rarity of a card you win in an event?
A:Event Card

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UPR Support
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