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Hello! Welcome to UPR! I hope you enjoy your stay here! UPR means Ultimate PokéCard Rpg, Means.. You will use PokéCards for battle!! Current Events: None For The Moment!

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 UPR Playing Instructions

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PostSubject: UPR Playing Instructions   Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:10 am

UPR Playing Instructions
Here you will know the instructions in playing UPR.

UPR means Ultimate Pokécard Rpg, You can play here by using pokemon cards and summoning one of them or more.. you can obtain cards, by dueling,rping or buying from Cardmarket..

Dueling is more like an RP here.. but it is controlled by a "Duel Royale" it can dictate whether who's the winner and the loser, also the battle results.

Administrators or Moderators are also ordinary players in UPR, They will also work very hard to obtain cards.

The starting money is $3000. Rare Cards can be obtained in RPs only, but there's a low chance in obtaining it.

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UPR Playing Instructions
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